LinkedIn Video finally released publicly for everyone! So let’s talk about this new content medium to create, share & engage with the LI community.

Here is my observation & tips on making video success:

1. Make sure your video has good audio & is clear visually.

2. Think of shareability in mind. If your video isn’t share or tag worthy (where people tag their friend) your post won’t hit virality.

3. Still write a full text post. Remember of your audience on LI. Not everyone can watch / hear at work.  Context.

3. Change up content types / styles. Too many solo video talks w/ same background environment etc. Switch it up.

Types of content:

– Monologues / Stories / Rants

– How-Tos / Screenshare

– Interviews / AMA / Q&A

– Sales Pitches (pls don’t)

– Highlights

– Event / Conference

– ?? what are other good ones?

Still, text based post still net the most impressions, virality and reach. However, I’ve seen a few video pop & go viral as well – just not as many.

It’ll be interesting to see this new wave of video content creators.

Some people I’ve been seeing consistently:

String Nguyen – Geekin out on tech.

Goldie Chan, Community and Video – Creative Branding

Thomas Ma, Brand Amplifier – Growth Stories

Who are some other good video creator examples? Love to know.