Omnipresence. How to be everywhere.

Be everywhere, all the time. Omnipresence Content Workflow V1.

Hope you having a great weekend. Been a little quiet on my side … been a little bit underground working on the next big content rollout plan before I get things all going.

Once I have my full flow going — you’ll see me kick it up a notch again on pushing out content.

1.) Plan out a workflow to push content on all channels. Maximize reach, and

2.) Create content on different mediums quickly in context to each channel.

Video, Writing, Photo.

Will have another guide and thoughts about this.

3.) Content & Copy pieces on each platform much match the context of each platform. Aim to drive engagements or call to actions on each platform to drive increase virality on each platform and maximize reach.

— — –

Growth Plans in order:

✅ Everything will hopefully start with a blog post on my website (not up yet).

The reason behind this is that it will serve as the funnel/bucket where I can point all my emails/social/ads etc back to.

A website allows you to gain analytics, retarget pixels, email captures etc.

Also good for SEO in the future when I kick that into gear for more traffic growth.

✅ Medium — I’m treating as an extra blogging platform. SEO friends told me not to 100% duplicate. First publish on the website, and then wait for few days or a week after it gets picked up & indexed by Google.

Then create an excerpt post that hooks people on medium to then go to website.

✅ Social Posts: After that, create social posts on all platforms relatable. Respect the medium, and audience per platform. Show big picture, provide value native to the platform before trying to get people to come to your website.

Sometimes some social posts won’t have links back to the website. The goal isn’t to simply ‘link’ content. That will rank poorly.

Instead, provide 80–90% of the value upfront or at least the big picture. Then let those who want to go more in depth go to your website etc.

✅ Social Stories: Some can treat this the same as social posts. Probably is but takes whole different style than traditional posts.

Going to use social stories to narrate any thoughts / processes to the crowd.

✅ Blasts: Bring some extra residual traffic back to either social or content posts. Build email & chatbot lists to then reel back into content.

✅ Paid Acquisition: You can’t expect to hit all your audience all the time due to feed algorithms etc.

You also want to hit new audiences so use this moment to boost any of your posts to increase new audience & maximize current reach. Push on both ends.

💰Conversion Funnel: Every action should aim to lead to some sort of commerce or list build growth activity. Not everyone will reach here, but doing this every time will allow you to keep STACKING growth.

By the way, if you love my growth content — feel free to join our FB Group that is 100% dedicated to all things growth marketing & hacking.

See you there!