The First Seattle Blockchain Conference

makes a return.

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Building Beyond the Hype. Road to Mass Adoption.

About BlockchainNW Summit Series

After launching the first Seattle Blockchain Conference, we are proud to introduce the SUMMIT Series.

BlockchainNW Summit returns on Oct 16th. New Location. New Speakers, fresh perspectives.

We have speakers from:

Microsoft, Major League Baseball Crypto Collectible (MLB Crypto), MyCrypto, Wells Fargo, GE Healthcare, POA Network, EOS Lynx, Hyperledger Seattle, EVERY*, BURST, LogicInbound and more speaking.

The focus?

Scaling Blockchain Adoption from dapps, tech, and industries.

This will be summit format where we will have more workshop-style discussions, dapp demos, and real use cases.

Summit Agenda & Topics

9:00am - 9:10am | Welcome: Connecting the NW Blockchain Community w/ Justin wu

Justin Wu, cofounder of BlockchainNW will open the event to share the agenda, and also talk about the future of NW.

9:10am - 9:40am | State of Block by Dean Sutton (North Star Ventures)

Dean Sutton, Northstar Ventures, will share the currently outlook of blockchain & what the look out for in 2019.

9:40 - 10:05am | Securitization of Assets: STO & Fractional Ownership Panel w/ AirSwap, Concreit, and Bazaar Market.

Security Token Offers are going to take the market by storm in 2019. We talk about the future of secutization of assets, commodoties.  Rui Maximo, Concreit (Commercial Real Estate) Maggie Hsu, AirSwap / Fluidity (STO Advisory) Bill McGraw, Northstar Ventures (STO Advisory in Canada) Mike Monohan, Bazaar Market

10:05 -10:25am | Next-Gen Platform:

ARK provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. We aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases that make ARK highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want and developers need. Justin Renken, ARK

10:25 -11:00 | Enterprise Blockchain Evaluation & Outlook by Rizwan Patel (Caesars Entertainment)

Rizwan Patel will share what his research team Caesars Entertainment have found across enterprise blockchain platforms. He will share results and recommendations for enterprise blockchain platforms.

11:00am - 12pm | Lunch Break

12:00-12:30 | Next-Gen Scalable Blockchain: QuarkChain by Qi Zhou (14,000 TPS Blockchain w/ Sharding)

The QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchains. We apply elastic sharding blockchains (shards) as the first layer, and a root blockchain that confirms the blocks from the shards as the second layer.

12:35 - 1:05 | Healthcare in Blockchain - GE Healthcare,, Clinicoin, Tides Network, Change Healthcare

Hear about the different applications of Blockchain across the Healthcare industry. From insurance, hospitals, wellness and data. Rich Bloch, & Hyperledger Seattle Rajan Patel, GE Healthcare Jay Sachdev, Clinicoin Tides Network Davis Aites, Change Healthcare

1:15 - 1:45 | Privacy by Monero w/ Justin Ehrenhofer

Learn all about Privacy by Monero from Justin Ehrenhofer who runs community for the privacy platform.

1:50 - 2:20 | Mass Adoption |: Gaming, eSports, Non-Fungible Tokens & Collectibles.

Gaming will be leading the charge for mass adoption. Hear from those contributing to different aspects in the game industry from development, collectibles/Non-fungible tokens, and competitive eSports. Greg Zinone, Esports James Mayo, 8 Circuit Studios Austin Anderson, Rupie Alex Salkeld, Symetria &

2:20 - 2:30| Intermission Break

2:30-3:00 | Smart Contract Workshop w/ BURST coin

BURST Coin will run a smart contract workshop overview.

3:05-3:45 | Security Panel for dapps, and enterprise. w/ T-Mobile, IBM, SealBlock, CoinMe

Security Roundtable for users, dapps/smart contracts, data and enterprises. Stan Bournev, Sealblock Robert Pearson, IBM Ruzz Wirtz, CoinMe Chris Spanton, T-Mobile Ken Holder  

3:50-4:15 | Mass Adoption II: eCommerce, Loyalty Rewards & Media.

Hear from those building consumer applications for ecommerce, media, and retail use cases. These are all to drive commerce & consumer adoption. Jonathan G, EVERY* (eCommerce) Ahmad Alkabra, LoyalCoin Alice Hlidkova, New Economis & Pitch Investors Live RJ Smith, RedPen

4:15-430 | DEMO: Tenta Private Browser (Seattle Blockchain Company Showcase)

Your private encrypted browser with unlimited built in VPN, ad blocker and full data encryption. Tenta Browser protects your data instead of selling it.

4:30-5:00 | Open Mic & Forum About Blockchain. Ask questions & get answers.

We are going to open the floor to questions & answers from the audience.  Have unanswered questions or thoughts about the future of Blockchain & Crypto? Ask them here. The crowd will be able to share answers.

5:00-7:00 | Open Networking & Closing

Speakers & Presenters

Rajan Patel

Product Strategy and Innovation at GE Healthcare

Justin Ehrenhofer

Community Workgroup Organizer, Monero


Qi Zhou

CEO of QuarkChain

Next-Gen Blockchain

Maggie Hsu

Business Development, AirSwap

Decentralized Trading Marketplace & STOs

Rich Bloch

Host of Hyperledger Seattle & Cofounder of Digital Healthcare

Healthcare & Enterprise applications for Blockchain.

Jen McEwen

Co-Founder & COO of Tenta Browser


Rizwan Patel

Senior Director; Innovation, Emerging Technology & Blockchain Planning, Caesars Entertainment

Enterprise Blockchain

Justin Renken

Communications Specialist, Blockchain

Next-Gen Blockchain

Robert Pearson



Alice Hlidkova

Co-Host of New Economies Show


Dean Sutton

Co-Founder, Northstar Ventures Tech


Daniel Jones

Developer & Contributor, BURST Coin

Jonathan Gagliardoni

Cofounder of EVERY & Cofounder of Token Forum

E-Commerce x Blockchain

Tamara Sanchez

Community Liaison & Application Development Strategist, BURST coin

Stan Bounev

CPO of VeriClouds


Justin Wu

Founder, CoinState Co-Founder, BlockchainNW Blockchain Influencer with 200k followers

Juliyen Davis

Founding Member & President, Oregon Blockchain


Russ Wirtz

Director of Engineering, CoinMe


RJ Smith

CEO, Redpen


Scott Lewis

Co founder, Redpen


Zachary Nelson

President, UW Blockchain Society

Jay Sachdev

Co-Founder, Clinicoin


Austin Anderson

Founder, Rupie

Protect game assets with blockchain attribution.

Jesse Adams

Co-Founder, Tenta


Ken Holder

 Chief Engineer, Blockchain Security

Ahmad Alkabra

 Loyal Coin

Rewards & Commerce

Alex Salkeld



Bill McGraw

NorthStar Ventures


Greg Zinone

514 eSports

Mike Monohan

Bazaar Market

Rui Maximo


Chris Spanton


Davis Aites

Change Healthcare

& more speakers to be added!

Previous Participants

& many more

BlockchainNW Community partners

Hosted in the Great Pacific Northwest

Parlor Comedy Club

700 Bellevue Way NE #300, Bellevue, WA 98004

Oct 16 2018